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Watermelon is the fruit symbol of the summer. Although its cultivation is relatively demanding, especially for the gardens of the garden, it is worth trying to plant our own watermelons. Here are some of the most important secrets to growing watermelon to ensure a satisfactory production of delicious and sweet watermelons.

What are the best known varieties of watermelon?

There are many varieties and hybrids of watermelon for cultivation, with different shape and size of fruit, with different harvest time (early or late), and different resistance to various fungal and bacterial diseases. The most common varieties of watermelon are:

• Crimson type varieties, giving watermelon round to oval and weighing 10-14 kg.
• Varieties of mini type with early round grains, dark green and weighing 2-5 kg.
• Varieties of varieties, which give light greenish watermelons with a ruddy flesh and a weight of about 13-15 kg.


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