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Strawberries have many beneficial properties, rich nutrients like vitamins B and C and contain significant amounts of manganese, potassium, iron and fiber. The 100 g strawberries contain less than 30 calories
Especially known in Greece is the European strawberry, which is also native to hilly and woody and semi-sparkling areas. The fruit of this wild strawberry is small, extremely sweet and delicious. Modern crops have led to the creation of a large fruit variety known as Strawberry Pineapple. The fruit is usually conical and reaches 5 centimeters. The large red strawberries we eat today are the product of crossing the wild Europeans with the big white strawberries that existed in South America. Harvest is done as soon as the strawberries get red.



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Punnets 250gr-1000gr

Carton-Wooden Box 1-5 Kg


LOUCOFRUIT is one of the oldest fresh fruit and vegetable export companies in Greece. Since it’s foundation from Nicolaos Loucopoulos on 1965, the company has been in constant development of its export activity.

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