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Oranges are citrus fruits that belong to the same family as grapefruit and mandarin. It is grown throughout the world in warm regions and is particularly popular because of its flavor, but also for its significant health benefits.

The festive days have its honor in sweets and food, but also in the decoration of the house, while all the winter sweeps with its taste, either as a juice or as a juicy piece of fruit.

Orange is one of the most common and popular fruits in the world because of its easy availability all year round and its delicious flavor. It is grown throughout the world in warm regions and has two varieties, the sweet – which is usually more aromatic – and the bitter.

Besides being delicious, oranges also contain many essential nutrients for our body, such as vitamin A, B1 and C. An orange supplies us with almost 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.


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LOUCOFRUIT is one of the oldest fresh fruit and vegetable export companies in Greece. Since it’s foundation from Nicolaos Loucopoulos on 1965, the company has been in constant development of its export activity.

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