Table Grapes


Table Grapes

Our main occupation is the production and marketing of table grapes. We own 300 privately owned acres in which we cultivate 2 different types of table grapes. The Corinthian region is famous for the production of excellent quality and taste of table grapes, the main product of which is the well-known Corinthian Sultana.

Combining our many years of experience in growing and producing table grapes with the characteristics of our region (climate, soil ingredients, etc.),
we have managed to produce high quality table grapes, the quantity of which we market ourselves entirely.

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Thompson Seedless
Crimson Seedless
Sugar Crisp
Sweet Globe
Jack Salute
Sweet Celebration

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Carton Box 4,5 Kg

Carton Box 9 Kg

Punnets 10 x 500 gr


LOUCOFRUIT is one of the oldest fresh fruit and vegetable export companies in Greece. Since it’s foundation from Nicolaos Loucopoulos on 1965, the company has been in constant development of its export activity.

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